2 Billion People To Watch The Wedding

by Paul Simister on April 21, 2011

A young couple are getting married on April 29th, 2011 and it is estimated that 2 billion people – that’s 2,000,000,000 could watch it on television.

Clearly there is something special about the wedding to get so much time and attention from so many people so it makes sense that there are some lessons on differentiation which we can pick up from it and think about how the ideas apply to our business.

First the who.

I’m sure you know that the wedding I’m talking about is between Prince William, second in line to the throne in the UK and his bride Kate Middleton.

William is a future king in waiting and until April 29th, perhaps the most eligible bachelor in the world. He is the first son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

Any marriage starring William will bee big news but the Cinderella meets Prince Charming story makes it more special.

You see Kate Middleton is an “ordinary girl from an ordinary family”. I mean that nicely. She seems very nice and she’s certainly an attractive woman but she doesn’t come from a privileged background. I heard the other day that her great grandfather (and previous generations) were miners in County Durham.

Then there’s the where.

The wedding will take place in London with the focal points of two of its biggest and most well known attractions, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

Then the what.

Well there’s the wedding itself which will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and attended by the great and the good.

And even more special, the tremendous spectacle. I do think we British do these great state occasions very well with the history and tradition of the guards regiments.

And the when.

The 2 billion is made possible by the development of technology which allows so many people to get live television feeds of what is happening and social media lets you feel involved as you comment on what’s happening as it happens.

The wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was a huge event but technology has moved on and makes ity possible for many more people to get involved.

That’s who, what, where and when.

That’s four of the key differentiators in what I call the Seven Big Questions Of Business Success.

Together they are combining to create an event which will capture the attention of about 2 billion people around the world. It’s a staggering achievement.

Paul Simister is a business strategy coach who helps small business owners to profit from differentiating their businesses, being distinctive in the eyes of their customers and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

You too can move past your profit tipping point (free report) by answering the seven big questions of business success.

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