April 2013

In the last year we’ve seen various price promises from the leading supermarkets in the UK – Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys and price competition intensifies as national austerity restricts spending. The idea is simple. The supermarket agrees to reimburse the buyer for any difference in the price of his or her shopping that would have […]


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A key success factor (KSF) for a trade, profession or industry is something that a business must do to be successful. It is a necessary condition for success. The Difference Between Key Success Factors, Key Factors Of Difference & Critical Success Factors There are a number of similar sounding phrases that mean different things. To […]

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Critical Success Factors & Key Performance Indicators

by Paul Simister on April 2, 2013

Critical Success Factors (CSF) are unique to implementing your particular strategy. Key success factors will be common across many of the businesses within an industry and (hopefully) each business has identified a small number of key factors of difference to differentiate itself away from theĀ  competition. The combination of key success factors and key factors […]


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