All Business is Show Business by Scott McKain

by Paul Simister on May 20, 2011

The full title of this book by Scott McKain is All Business Is Show Business: Strategies For Earning Standing Ovations From Your Customers.

All Business Is Show Business by Scott McKain

All Business Is Show Business book cover

All Business Is Show Business Review

I enjoyed reading it and it covers three important concepts that I’ve blogged about before:

  • A high concept – a short, powerful summary of what your business is all about
  • A powerful story – expand on the core concept through a powerful, emotional packed, memorable story which creates a real connection with customers – I wrote about this in my blog on the Core Myth.
  • The ultimate customer experience – a similar concept to what I call the perfect customer experience and the ideal customer experience.

All Business Is Show Business is all about capturing the emotional commitment and loyalty of customers.

It’s something that show business does automatically, as part of its natural business. Its purpose is to entertain and now we’ve come expect entertainment as the price for our attention.

You can see this pressure in advertisements on TV – for a great example see the story about Harvey in my blog How To Differentiate A Dog. Early in the book, Scott tells the story of speaking to his old teacher and discovering the idea that the biggest problem with education is Sesame Street!

Not that Sesame Street is bad but it has created an expected in the children that learning is entertaining. And it sets the bar too high for teachers to meet and sadly kids get bored with just learning.

That’s pretty sad – learning in itself can be thrilling.

It’s also profound because it helps to explain how difficult it is to retain people’s attention.

There’s been lots of studies done on the best length for sales videos and if you’re like me, you’re quick to press escape when I don’t get the connection – it has to be relevant and interesting to keep my attention.

The three ideas in All Business Is Show Business build on each other – the high concept captures your attention, the powerful story keeps you interested and persuades you to buy and the ultimate experience delivers on the promises in the high concept and the story.

My Overall Assessment of All Business Is Show Business

All Business Is Show Business is well worth reading and is recommended. It’s one of those books which is inspiring and makes you want to go out and create something special.

I do need to make you aware that there is controversy.

Scott McKain & Obsidian Enterprises

Scott talks about his connection to Obsidian Enterprises in the book as examples that the ideas work. Obsidian has collapsed as it was allegedly financed by a Ponzi scheme. Scott McKain does not appear to have been involved in the dodgy stuff see Ties to Durham haven’t hurt McKain.

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