Blue Zebra Strategy – What’s In A Name & Image?

by Paul Simister on October 13, 2011

“I like your new blog, I think of it as blue zebra strategy” someone emailed me yesterday.

I can see that other people will also think of my blog as the blue zebra strategy blog and a quick search of the Internet shows that I’m not found for “blue zebra strategy”.

That’s a problem which I’m trying to fix.

There’s been a lot of rubbish written about branding and an enormous amount of money spent creating and changing brands. Branding is interesting when you see it as the position you hold in someone’s mind.

The Purpose Of The Blue Zebra – It’s Easy To Remember

Paul Simister is an unusual name which in some ways is good but like all unusual names, it can be difficult to remember.

That’s a branding problem although once you remember my name, the link to business strategy and differentiation should be strong.

Differentiate Your Business “does what it says on the tin” but like all generic names, it runs the risk of not creating a strong and lasting imprint on the mind. That’s another branding problem although the focus and benefits are clear.

I’ve written about the underlying meaning in zebra marketing. That’s about how “me-too marketing” can dazzle your potential customers into confusion, just like the problem that lions have when they look at a small herd of zebras. This phenomenon is recognised in the natural world because the collective noun is called a dazzle.

I believe that the dazzle of zebras is a powerful and interesting analogy that transfers nicely from nature to business.

The blue zebra stands out proud and gets noticed.

Blue Zebra Strategy

And remembered.

You want your business to stand out and to be remembered so you need to follow the ideas of blue zebra strategy.

What Do You Think About The Blue Zebra Analogy?

I’d like to know what you think. Does the blue zebra help to create a picture of the idea of differentiation in your mind and help you to remember my blog and whether or not you’ve visited before?

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