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by Paul Simister on September 17, 2011

If you read my blog on RSS feed you may be wondering whether my differentiation strategy blog is turning into a general business strategy blog.

Let me explain.

Differentiate Your Business Is A Business Strategy Blog

I believe that differentiation and the fight against the competitive forces that create commodities is THE most important business strategy but it has to be put into the perspective of what else is happening in the strategic environment.

Business Strategy In Context

As I started writing about differentiation and the ways to implement a differentiation strategy I found that I needed to address the entire strategy process.

Business Strategy BlogIt perhaps should have been obvious before I started but I found that I wanted to reference popular strategy models like PEST Analysis, SWOT Analysis, the Value Chain and Key Success Factors.

A quick look around the Internet showed that nobody was saying everything that i wanted to say it in the way that I wanted to say it. Yes Wikipedia has a lot of information but my word it’s so dull and dry.

So I thought I’d better blog about a wider range of strategic issues than I originally intended.

This will include some corporate strategy issues because it’s an important part of competitive intelligence in creating competitive differentiation strategies to understand the pressures on competitors who are part of a bigger group.

That’s not where my interests and strengths lie. The core of the Differentiate Your Business blog will stay focused on competitive strategies.

Who is This Differentiation / Business Strategy Blog Intended For?

As I write this strategy blog I have three groups of readers in mind:

  1. Entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses who want to take a strategic approach to building their business, either because they believe it’s the right way to work (it is) or because competitive pressures force them to accept that what they are currently doing isn’t working.
  2. Senior managers with profit responsibility for businesses that are subsidiaries of larger groups including the senior managers who take part in strategy work. Groups often expect their managers to produce a 3 year or 5 year strategic plan for the business but give little training on business strategy. I have a cynical view of many parent companies which will come through in some of my writing. I believe they often destroy rather than add value to the business units within the group and because of my bias towards independent entrepreneurs I’ll be looking at how to exploit rather than correct these weaknesses.
  3. MBA students and other business students who are looking for a more practical and pragmatic approach to business strategy whilst still remaining intellectually strong. My MBA (with distinction) came from the Manchester Business School.

How To Get The Best From This Business Strategy Blog

The blog is gradually being ranked well in Google as it established authority in the strategy field.

I have a list of popular articles down the side for the common strategy topics and where possible I’m going to link articles together so that you can dig deeper when it’s appropriate.

If you want to see my latest blog articles, click on the blog header (where it says Differentiate Your Business with the blue zebra) or click on home.

Add the feed to your RSS reader so that you’re kept up-to-date with what I write and please join my email list. I don’t work it hard but it’s good to stay in contact.

How You Can Help Me Create A Great Business Strategy Blog

The big strength about a blog is that it lets the author and the reader communicate and debate issues.

I encourage you to take part and leave comments:

  • Ask questions if you think I’m not clear on something – |I’ll answer if I think it adds value to other readers but I’m not doing your student assignments for you.
  • Agree with me and give extra examples of how the strategies have worked.
  • Disagree with me if you think I’m wrong.

Try to add value to the conversation and please avoid blog spam. I won’t publish it because it wastes my time, wastes the time of readers who think they may be something useful in the comment and rewards the wrong type of behaviour.

If You Want To Know More About Business Strategy

I find business strategy fascinating and have done ever since I zigzagged first from finance and accounting to marketing and then realised that strategy is the subject that combines creating shareholder value with creating customer value. Hopefully that enthusiasm comes through in the articles on this strategy blog.

If you manage a small business based in the UK and you’re interested in my strategy coaching / consulting services then please take a look at the pages that promote how I can help business start-ups, young businesses and established businesses. This applies whether you’re independently owned or part of a bigger group.

If you manage a small business outside the UK and you want strategy training that goes beyond what I’ve covered in this strategy blog, then I’m planning a series of “What You Need To Know About Business Strategy” webinars.

I’ll also be reviewing a lot of books on strategy on this blog – some classics that I think everyone should read, some lost treasures and some at the cutting edge of new strategic thinking.

Paul Simister is a business strategy coach who helps business owners to differentiate their businesses and develop winning strategies. Get your free copy of the ebook The Six Steps Profit Formula.

The Best Of The Differentiate Your Business Blog

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I invite you to take a 30 day trial of my small business growth membership club at so that you can see for yourself the benefit of applying more and better strategies and tactics for profitable growth.

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Helen Palmer September 17, 2011 at 11:26 am

I like your philosophy, Paul! In my work with social media marketing, I too find increasingly that a good strategy plan is invaluable to my clients. They need to know and understand what they want to achieve by marketing, and of course in my case, social media and know when their targets are reached.

Many of them understand that they need marketing to differentiate themselves from the pack (or dazzle of Zebra’s!), but are not expert in that field. Helping them to achieve more from consulting with me, helps me in the long term with happy contented clients who are with me for the long term.

I look forward to reading more of your work.


Paul Simister September 17, 2011 at 12:22 pm

Wow Helen, you picked up this blog post quickly.

I really appreciate your comment and I’m glad you like the “dazzle like a zebra” analogy.


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