Dare To Be Different by Alessandro Forte

by Paul Simister on August 18, 2011

The book I have bought is called Dare To Be Different: How To Create Business Advantage Through Innovation And Unique Selling Propositions by Alessandro Forte.

For someone interested in business strategy, differentiation and USPs, it sounded ideal.

But it’s not what the book is about.

Dare To Be Different – This Book is Certainly Different From That Promised By The Title

This has happened to me a number of times recently and I’m getting angry with books that claim to be one thing and don’t deliver.

It’s like me ringing up my local Chinese takeaway, ordering my favourite Cantonese dishes and having steak and kidney pie and chips turn up.

What is In Dare To Be Different

The book doesn’t even pretend to be about these things when you open it up. At the back, it lists 12 key success factors which summarise the book. These are:

  1. Activity
  2. Regime
  3. Escape to Freedom
  4. Action now
  5. Future now
  6. Inner image
  7. Mindchangers – similar to goals
  8. Order – a positive foundation to change
  9. New Horizons
  10. Practise
  11. Fear
  12. Now

To make it even worse I find that Amazon are now selling a new version of the book called Dare To Be Different: A Complete Guide For Those Who Want To Make It To The Top” .

That’s a much more appropriate title since the snippets I’ve read of Dare To be Different were quite informative.

But I searched for books about Unique Selling Propositions and this isn’t what looks to be a specialist book is about at all. There’s no index so I can’t check to see if USPs are even mentioned.

Twisting Elevator Speeches To Fit The Situation

There is one section which talks about elevator pitches but the authors approach seems to be to say whatever looks appropriate at the time – it’s for a life insurance salesman:

  • I help business owners protect their assets
  • I am a wealth protection specialist
  • I help my clients, most of whom have children, top reduce or eliminate their debts

It’s exactly that type of behaviour which is the reason why I think you should always check people online to get the full picture. Sales people have a nasty habit of saying what they think will get you to buy.

That sounds strangely similar to misnaming a book and claiming it is something that it is not.

I’m not pleased – I wish I’d never wasted my time of Dare To Be Different and I recommend you avoid it too.

Paul Simister is the business strategy coach who helps business owners to differentiate their businesses and develop winning strategies. Get your free copy of the ebook The Six Steps Profit Formula.

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