Differentiation Strategy

If you are going to implement a differentiation strategy in your business in a way that is valuable to your target market, you need to focus on:

  • What you can do;
  • What your target customers want; and
  • What competitors offer

I have a ten step, four stage differentiation strategy process to help you to create the deep strategic differentiation which leads to success.

Differentiation Strategy Spot the zebra that is differentiated when they normally “dazzle” into one moving, shimmering mass

Beware of zebra marketing, it looks good on its own but is too similar to competitors.

My Differentiation Strategy Process

Stage 1 – Your Strategic Snapshot

The first step is to do a quick but comprehensive review of your business against the five pathways to profit to high key issues which need to be focused on and which issues don’t require detailed assessment.

Stage 2 – Your Differentiation Analysis

Steps 2 to 6 involves taking a detailed look at your business, your customers and your competitors and then thinking about how things might change in the future.

Stage 3 – Your Differentiation Options & Strategy

Steps 7 and 8 involve clarifying your potential differentiation options and deciding which to choose.

Stage 4 – Communicating Your Differentiation Strategy

Steps 9 and 10 involve communicating your new differentiation strategy to your staff and to the market.