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by Paul Simister on February 7, 2011

Welcome to my new blog – Differentiate Your Business.

My aim is to help owners of small businesses to stand out from the crowd and to profit from differentiating their businesses from their competitors.

Competing in the same way, selling the same things as everyone around you is a recipe for trouble.

As far as the customer is concerned, if everything looks the same then only one thing matters.


How much cheaper are you than the other competitors?

That’s a rotten way to compete, condemning yourself to a life of penny-pinching to keep costs down and working too hard to justify why anyone should buy from you rather than your competitors.

Is differentiating your business about niche marketing?

Yes and no.

Having a clear niche helps you to differentiate from many competitors in the wider market but it doesn’t help you to differentiate from others competing in your niche.

Is differentiating your business about building a brand?

Yes and no.

Branding is certainly one way to differentiate.

Just look at Coca-Cola – a huge success even though taste tests show that many people prefer Pepsi in blind tests, they buy Coke because of the brand associations and how it makes them feel.

But a lot of branding is about selling the sizzle and not the steak (or sausage or bacon). It is superficial and lacks real substance.

Building a brand in the conventional sense is enormously expensive for a small business and probably out of the reach of many.

I’m suspicious of a lot of advice I see on branding and think it can be a red herring although I do believe that you need to establish a clear position in the minds of your target market.

What you do, who you do it for and what you stand for.

Keep coming back to the blog. I’ve got a lot of ideas to share with you about how you can differentiate your business and win the preference battle when the customer is making the buying decision.

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