Pippa’s Bum Attracts A Lot Of Attention

by Paul Simister on May 3, 2011

I really enjoyed the Royal Wedding last Friday. I started as a cynic but from the start of Friday morning I was caught up in the excitement.

I expected the pageantry to be terrific and it was. I think we British do it better than anyone else in the world.

I expected Kate (or as I should now say Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge) to look lovely and she did… exactly like the princess she’s become.)

The unexpected hit was her sister Phillipa or Pippa Middleton.

And one bit of her in particular.

Her bum.

Every newspaper I’ve read since the wedding has mentioned how good she looked and talked about the Facebook pages created in her honour – Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society or The Awkward Moment you become a Sex Icon at your Sister’s Wedding – at the time of writing, just four days after the wedding, it has 175,524 likes. Probably many more by the time you read this. It seems that it isn’t just the size and shape either but the sexy wiggle she had as she walked.

Why am I writing about this in a business blog?

Well anything that gets so much attention deserves to be analysed to see why it is so popular.

And Pippa’s bum had at least three things going for it.

  1. The huge number of eyeballs on the offer – it’s said that 2 billion people across the world may have watched the royal wedding.
  2. The way the offer was packaged – the Alexander McQueen dress was certainly tightly fitted. More material and the eye-popping effect would have been lost.
  3. Pippa herself is beautiful and elegant. She’s a bit too thin for my tastes but who am I to complain. She’s a 9 and on good days I might be a 3.

How can you use this in your business?

Well first, concentrate on your basic offer or if you want to get into real business-speak, your value proposition. The better it is, the more it is worth committing to the other elements of s successful campaign.

Second, package it as well as you can. Deliver your message clearly and compellingly.

Finally you need to get your offer in front of the people who could and should be interested.

I doubt you or I will ever benefit from the exposure that the Royal Wedding got – we usually have to pay to get our message in front of people, either with money or time.

That means that we have to be careful about who should see it to avoid wasting resources, trying to attract the attention of people who don’t have the slightest interest.

Paul Simister is a business strategy coach who helps small business owners to profit from differentiating their businesses, being distinctive in the eyes of their customers and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

You too can move past your profit tipping point by answering the seven big questions of business success.

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