Starting A Business With Purpose

You Have A Business Idea And You Need Or Want To Get On With It So That Your Business Succeeds Quickly

You’re in the right place if you have a good idea for a business and:

  • You’re not employed and need to start it to earn money
  • You’re in a job but you’ve decided that it’s time to do your own thing

Whether you’re out of work or you’re about to hand in your notice, you’ll probably have a strange combination of excitement and nervousness.

The Two Big Questions When Starting A Business

Two thoughts dominate:

  • Will your new business succeed?
  • How can you make it succeed quickly?

The basic facts are that many people start new businesses, some do very well, more start businesses that struggle to get established and don’t really give the owners want they want and too many fail, causing the unsuccessful business owners to lose their money, their pride and often their dream.

How To Check If Your Business Idea Will Succeed?

There are three key questions I ask when I look at a new business and want to assess its ability to survive and thrive as well as looking at the personal characteristics of the entrepreneur:

  • Is there strong demand for the product or service?
  • Can the business survive competition? Is there a reason to buy from this business?
  • Does the business have the capabilities to deliver on its promises consistently?

You will find out more if you read my blog Will Your New Business Succeed?

These are fundamental questions of business design and are solved by my differentiation process which looks across these three big questions in a systematic way.

The Race Is About To Begin – On Your Marks, Get Set, Go

Starting a business is a race to generate enough money to keep you going. Your savings will only last so long, and if you let them, the costs of starting a business can be high, giving you less time to get your business established.

This means you have to concentrate on the activities that are necessary and sufficient to your business success.

Individually the things you spend your time, energy and money on have to be necessary.

Together, they have to be sufficient. You can’t miss out an essential step or your business won’t make the progress you want but the more time you spend on activities that aren’t necessary, the slower your progress..

This is the real value of a well constructed business plan because it helps you to focus your limited resources on what must be done.

But it’s a business plan unlike anything you’ll see in books on business planning to raise finance. In those, you are “selling your idea” to other people, in the hope of getting a loan or investment (although I can also help you with a traditional business plan to raise finance).

My business planning is focused on helping you to concentrate on what you need to do to make your business successful, identifying the likely obstacles and how you can overcome them.

The process either

  • Gives you the confidence that your new business idea is a good one, or
  •  It lets you spot the flaws early so that you can either avoid them or,
  •  If they can’t be overcome, you can decide to start a much revised business.

I want to give you three things which will help put your business on the right track.

One, I recommend that you read my special free report The Profit Tipping Point (get a copy below) which talks through the essential elements of having a successful business. It’s written for established business owners but you have the big advantage that you’ve got a clean slate… you have the chance to avoid being locked into a difficult business sector with nasty competitors.

Two, you’ll also receive a copy of my mp3 recording, the Seven Big Questions and Answers of Business Success which will help you to focus on how you can make your business different and more appealing to customers.

Three, after you’ve read The Profit Tipping Point and listened to the Seven Big Questions, and provided you’re based in the UK, I’d like to offer you a free 30 minute consultation on how you can make your new business successful. No obligations to either take up the consultation or to buy my services afterwards. I love talking about business – although I’d like to think you’d like to learn more about how I can help you.

All my coaching comes with a 500% return on investment guarantee – if you don’t believe that I’ve helped you increase your profit by five times what you’ve paid me, I’ll give you your money back.

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Helping You To Start A New Business Successfully

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