Thinking About Starting A Business

You Are Thinking About Starting A Business But You’re Not Sure What

If you haven’t decided what kind of business to start, then it’s probably too early for me to make much of a difference. You need a business idea or a concept for us to work with.

I do have several ideas that can help you to find the right business for you.

Helping You To Start Your New Business Successfully

This is the first of four pages I’ve written to help you to be successful in your business start-up.

The others are:

A Guide To Many Different Businesses You Could Start

You should check out this book.

The Start Your Own Business Bible by Richard Walsh

It reviews 501 new business ideas and groups then based on how much start-up cash you need. If you click the link, it will take you through to my book review.

The Big Three Questions To Ask About Any New Business Opportunity

Second, there are three big questions I ask when I look at a new business, including when I watch programmes like Dragons Den:

  • Is there strong demand for the product or service?
  • Can the business survive competition? Is there a reason to buy from this business?
  • Does the business have the capabilities to deliver on its promises consistently?

You will find out more if you read my blog Will Your New Business Succeed?

Special Report – How To Find The Right Business For You

The third thing I recommend is that you find a business that you can feel passionate about rather than just see it as a way to make money. There will be plenty of challenges between where you are now and you owning a successful business but your passion will see you through the tough times.

I’m writing a special free report

“How To Find The Right Business For You”

Fill in your name and email address and you’ll get a copy of it together with other things I believe can help you to make the right decision about what business to start. If you are based in the UK I’ll also offer you a free consultation when you are clearer on your big business idea. (FYI – the confirmation pages take you to another of my websites at the moment).