Competitors A Problem

Your Business Has Been Good But Competitors Are Making Life Difficult

If you find yourself fighting against a new competitor and an old competitor which has been reinvigorated, then you need to focus on your strategy so that you find a new way to win customer preference.

How I Can Help Established, Mature Businesses

This is the first of three pages that explain how I can help an established business with my strategic business coaching / consultancy.

The other two pages are:

If customer needs are changing

If your business is under-performing

If Competitors Cause You Big Problems

The temptation may be to cut your prices but hopefully there are many more attractive options available to you which won’t decimate your profit margins and cause your break even point to shoot up.

This is what my differentiation process is all about.

After the Strategic Snapshot which gives a broad overview of your business and helps us to identify all the big issues, we’ll delve into analysing your competitors and what they are offering compared to what customers want and need.

This will help us to find market space for you where:

  • Customer needs are not being met satisfactorily and/or
  • Your competitors are weak

We will then develop the strategy to position your business to take advantage of these opportunities whilst also looking at how you can defend against further attacks by your competitors.

To start with I recommend that you read my special report The Profit Tipping Point which examines the five pathways to profit (or loss) including number 2, when competitors are damaging your business. You’ll also receive a copy of my mp3 presentation The 7 Big Questions and Answers of Business Success which will give you more ideas on how to differentiate your business.

If my ideas make sense to you and if you’re based in the UK, I’d like to invite you to a free no-obligation Business Breakthrough session where my aim is to help you to find an extra £2,500 of profit in 30 to 60 minutes.

After I’ve I impressed you, I’d like to think you’d want to hear more about my coaching and how I can help your business but if you’re not interested, it’s not a problem if you say No.

All my coaching comes with a 500% return on investment guarantee – if you don’t believe that I’ve helped you increase your profit by five times what you’ve paid me, I’ll give you your money back.

Just fill in your name and email address to get the Profit Tipping Point Report and mp3. Your details won’t be passed on to anyone else and you can opt-out at any time.