Business Start-Up Books

below are my thoughts on the business start-ups books that I’ve read.

This is a critical stage in your business design and strategy when you can try out ideas on paper without losing any money.

Do you dream about starting a business but you’re not sure where to start?
Or do you need that little bit of a push to take your big idea and give it a chance to change your life.

Reading the better business start-up books can give you the confidence that you can have a go and advice on how to go about it, so that you avoid the common mistakes.

43 Mistakes Businesses Make by Duncan Bannatyne

by Paul Simister on July 15, 2011

Because I enjoyed Wake Up And Change Your Life so much, I thought I’d read another business book by Duncan Bannatyne¬† called the 43 Mistakes Businesses Make … And How To Avoid Them. It’s another interesting read for any prospective entrepreneur.


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FT Guide To Business Networking by Heather Townsend

by Paul Simister on July 13, 2011

Networking has changed in the last five years with the development of social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and the big strength of the FT Guide to Business Networking – How To Use The Power Of Online and Offline Networking For Business Success by Heather Townsend is the concept of joined-up networking. Who […]


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Wake Up And Change Your Life by Duncan Bannatyne

by Paul Simister on July 12, 2011

Thanks to Dragons’ Den, Duncan Bannatyne is one of the best known multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and in this book, Wake Up And Change Your Life, he provides the inspiration for you to move from thinking about starting your own business or talking about it to actually making the commitment to literally change your life. Wake Up […]


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The Start Your Own Business Bible

by Paul Simister on June 3, 2011

I’ve just received a review copy of¬† The Start Your Own Business Bible: 501 New Ventures You Can Launch Today by Richard Walsh. I love talking to entrepreneurs about business but one of the most difficult questions to answer is… “I want to start my own business. Where can I make the most money?” It’s […]

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