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Housebites : A Different Kind Of Takeaway Food Service

by Paul Simister on September 12, 2011

Saturday night is takeaway night in our house so I was very interested to hear about Housebites, a new deluxe takeaway food service which is about to burst onto the scenes today 12 September 2011. The Problem With Traditional Takeaway Food Takeaway food is usually easy to order and often quite cheap but it’s often […]

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Tourist Trap Restaurant Model Of Profits

by Paul Simister on April 1, 2011

According to one survey 60% of British holidays makers have been ripped off by a tourist trap restaurant with bad food, bad service and a lousy experience. I am amazed it’s not more and I think it shows the low level of expectations we have. I’m not encouraging it as a way to make money […]


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Local Food Is Not So Local

by Paul Simister on March 8, 2011

“Where” is one of the 7 big questions of business success which helps to differentiate one business from another but it seems that it is being abused by some food producers. It usually refers to where you are based which may pass on convenience advantages but it can also be a mark of quality. Think […]


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7 Big Questions & Answers Of Business Success

by Paul Simister on March 2, 2011

How do you differentiate your business? You answer the 7 big questions of business success in a way that is distinctive:


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