differentiation in the leisure industry

What Can Save The Greek Tourist Industry?

by Paul Simister on March 28, 2012

Imagine that five years ago you owned a hotel in Greece. Times were good. Occupancy rates were high. You were making a lot of money. You wanted to make more. So what strategic options did you have? Strategic Options For A Greek Hotel Business The obvious strategic options are:


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I want to tell you about Naturetrek, a specialist birdwatching and wildlife holiday company that is based in the UK but provides amazing wildlife adventure holidays around the world. The Theory & Practice Of Differentiating Your Business My blog shares plenty of the theory about differentiating a business but it’s nice to see the concepts […]


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How To Differentiate Your Travel Agency

by Paul Simister on July 26, 2011

I believe that any business which faces competition will benefit by focusing on how it can differentiate itself away from competitors and that particularly applies to travel agents. Every business has three big risks: Demand risk – do customers want what you are selling? Competition risk – are there plenty of customers but are they […]


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I thought I’d use a recent experience as a customer to write about hotel marketing strategy and in particular how to differentiate a small hotel or bed and breakfast establishment. Hotel Marketing Strategy – General Thoughts Before I Get Specific The 7 P’s of marketing are useful for thinking about your hotel marketing strategy with […]


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Tourist Trap Restaurant Model Of Profits

by Paul Simister on April 1, 2011

According to one survey 60% of British holidays makers have been ripped off by a tourist trap restaurant with bad food, bad service and a lousy experience. I am amazed it’s not more and I think it shows the low level of expectations we have. I’m not encouraging it as a way to make money […]


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