Niche Marketing Books

Niche marketing sits at the crossroads between marketing and strategy. Here are my reviews of the niche marketing books I’ve read.

While everyone says to business owners “you need to find a niche” it can be a tough decision to make since saying Yes to some types of customers means saying No to many more.

I use the idea of Bullseye Marketing to explain the logic behind niche marketing.

These niche marketing books may give you the confidence to select your niche and to become a specialist rather than a generalist.

Battling Big Box by Henry Dubroff & Susan Marks

by Paul Simister on August 3, 2011

Battling Big Box: How Nimble Niche Companies Can Outmaneuver Giant Competitors by Henry Dubroff and Susan J Marks is supposed to be a book about how small businesses can get the better of the giant competitors in their market who appear to have all the advantages. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations.


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Crackerjack Positioning by Don Reynolds Jr.

by Paul Simister on May 3, 2011

I thought “Crackerjack Positioning: Niche Marketing Strategy For The Entrepreneur” by Don Reynolds, Jr. was a super book when I read it. It’s a very enjoyable, interesting and thought-provoking read for any small business owner who wants to build a unique position in a niche market. What Does Crackerjack Mean? First I think I need […]


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Niche by James Harkin

by Paul Simister on April 30, 2011

Every now and again a book comes along that makes me question why I read so many business books and “Niche: Why the Market No Longer Favours the Mainstream” by James Harkin is such a book. I was excited when I saw it in Amazon but I made a huge mistake in buying it. Review […]


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