PEST Analysis

The Last Typewriter Made In The UK

by Paul Simister on November 20, 2012

Incredibly the last typewriter made in the UK was in November 2012 by Brother and it’s gone into a museum. Typewriters are a great example of why you need to do a Pest  Analysis to look  for political, economic, social and technological opportunities and threats. Typewriters & The Destructive Force Of Technology It was technology […]


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What Can Save The Greek Tourist Industry?

by Paul Simister on March 28, 2012

Imagine that five years ago you owned a hotel in Greece. Times were good. Occupancy rates were high. You were making a lot of money. You wanted to make more. So what strategic options did you have? Strategic Options For A Greek Hotel Business The obvious strategic options are:


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PEST Analysis – The Way To Understand The Wider Environment

by Paul Simister on September 14, 2011

I’ve mentioned PEST analysis several times in passing in this blog so it’s probably about time I explained more about the importance of understanding changes in the wider economic environment. What is PEST Analysis? PEST stands for: Political changes Economic changes Social & Demographic changes Technological changes It is a very easy acronym to remember […]

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