UK Top 20 Brands 2010

by Paul Simister on March 13, 2011

New figures from Nielsen show that, despite the tough times, brands are still flourishing in the United Kingdom.

UK Top Brands

The top 20 brands in £m of sales for the UK in 2010 are:

  1. Coca-Cola – 1,090.4
  2. Warburtons – 742.4
  3. Walkers Crisps – 590.9
  4. Hovis – 426.1
  5. Cadbury Dairy Milk – 416.3
  6. Kingsmill – 389.9
  7. Nescafe – 384.9
  8. Lucozade – 370.1
  9. Andrex – 353.7
  10. Robinsons – 314.8
  11. Pepsi – 308.0
  12. Tropicana – 292.2
  13. Whiskas – 274.6
  14. McCain potatoes – 262.1
  15. Lurpak – 247.7
  16. Danone Activia – 243.3
  17. Heinz soup – 230.3
  18. Muller Corner – 230.2
  19. Heinz Beanz – 228.7
  20. Galaxy – 224.2

Why Buy Brands When Supermarket Own Brands Are Cheaper?

Why do people buy these products when in many cases supermarkets sell their own brands much cheaper?

Because they are trusted and have created a strong preference with some consumers.

Sure there are some consumers who don’t have any choice to buy the cheaper products and others who don’t see the value of a label which may add 50% to the price compared with similar products.

The Top Brands I Buy And Why

Which of these have I bought?

Coca-Cola but more out of availability than choice. Our household preference is for Pepsi.

Walkers Crisps – I’ve always thought of them as the premium crisp and I like their Salt & Vinegar the best.

Hovis, bread and digestive biscuits.

Lucozade – perhaps it’s a comfort drink but it does seem to help when you’re feeling rough in a way that nothing else does.

McCain, I like their oven chips – especially those in a blue packet.

Heinz soup – there’s no better tomato soup in my opinion. I’ve tried others but the price premium for Heinz is well worth paying. I always buy if I see it on special offer.

Muller Corner – a little treat that is so difficult to resist when they are on special offer. Mind you, Muller have trained me to only buy on sales promotions because they happen so regularly.

Heinz Beanz, again a special offer buy. Yes I accept they are the best but I can’t justify the normal price premium.

Galaxy, well it is the creamiest chocolate.

What Top Brands Do You Buy?

What about you?

Do you buy these brands and if so, why?

Or do you stick with own labels because the stuff inside is virtually identical and you can save yourself money?

Paul Simister is a differentiation coach who helps small business owners to profit from differentiating their businesses, being distinctive in the eyes of their customers and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

You too can move past your profit tipping point by answering the seven big questions of business success.

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