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by Paul Simister on September 2, 2011

I thought about putting together my own introduction to the value chain video and then I found these value chain videos from Professor Andrew Fearne which I thought were very well done. These focus on the industry value chain rather than the business value chain.

Who Is Andrew Fearne?

Andrew Fearne is Professor of Food Marketing and Value Chain Management at the University of Kent.

He is an expert in value chain management and behaviour.

If you’re struggling with the value chain concept then I think these short videos will help you.

Value Chain Video 01

This is the value chain as a series of connected operations from raw material through to the end product rather than the business value chain explained in great detail in Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter.

An interesting distinction is made between the supply chain which tries to push product from one customer to another and the value chain based on pulling product from the end consumer backwards.

Value Chain Video 2 – Customers and Consumers

In this video, Andrew Fearne clarifies the distinction between customers and consumers. Basically customers are B2B, with the final link B2C.

Value Chain Analysis

Analysis of three things – material, information and relationships.

Value Chain Implementation

The second video looks at value chain mistakes.

The other value chain videos I loo0ked at on YouTube weren’t as good or as well explained or had production issues. I’d have liked to have found one that summarised the value chain model introduced by Michael Porter but you’ll have to make do with links to my articles below.

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Paul Simister September 11, 2011 at 2:16 pm

The first video is quite cheesy but Cap Gemini imagine what it will be like in May 2016 when value chains work as they should.


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