Who I Work With

I help owners of small and medium sized businesses to create differentiate which sets their businesses apart from the competition in ways that matter to the customers.

Clients range from one-man-band’s, privately owned businesses, subsidiaries of big groups and even head offices of small PLC’s. My smallest fee has been £200, the largest just under £0.4 million but please don’t let that put you off.

For me, it’s about the strategic challenge and making the difference. I love working with entrepreneurs and business managers in interesting situations who want to learn, change and improve.

I’m based in Birmingham in the West Midlands of the UK.

At the moment clients are restricted to the UK but because I do much of my coaching over the telephone/Skype, location isn’t usually an issue.

As a specialist in differentiation and business strategy, I work across many different business sectors but my ideas work best where service is an important element and less well for products where the main differentiation is built into the technical specifications.

For more information relevant to your particular situation, please see one of the pages below which describes how I can help in particular situations.

Business Start Ups

Young Businesses – started but less than 12 months old

Established Businesses