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by Paul Simister on October 27, 2011

I am looking for entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses to interview about their business success story and how they have differentiated their business from competitors.

Whilst it is useful to hold up Starbucks, Apple and Google as examples of businesses who have created a special product or service which inspires great customer loyalty and customer evangelists, I believe many business owners see those businesses and think “They are nothing like me. They weren’t where I am and that’s not where I want to go.”

But business success stories are inspiring.

In particular I want to focus on:

  • How you decided to choose your niche
  • What makes your business different from competitors
  • The great experience customers have and how you help solve their problems

What’s In It For You To Share Your Differentiation Success Story?

This is your chance to get free publicity on a blog that is rising in popularity each month. As I write this, according to independent Internet ranking organisation, my Differentiate Your Business blog is the 364,228 most popular website in the world over the last three months and it’s one month ranking is even higher (check the latest Alexa ranking for yourself).

Our focus is on what makes your business especially appealing to customers and what differentiates it from your competitors.

This is the essence of your marketing message and a recorded case study interview with a business professional is a subtle way to communicate your key differences to your prospective customers and to remind your existing customers why they love your business.

If you’re worried about your competitors finding out what makes your business special, don’t be. Your marketing to customers should be all they need or they can ask some of your customers why they buy from you and not them. This is about marking out your turf, loud and proud.

What’s In It For Me To Share Your Business Success Story?

First I love talking about business.

Second I get some great content for my blog which will help to attract new business owners to me. Some may be inspired to create their own special business and use my coaching / consultancy services.

How Would The Interview Work?

We can do it three ways:

  1. A recorded interview using Skype (if you don’t use Skype I can call you on a land line and still record)
  2. An email interview. I’ll send you the interview questions and then you send back your replies.
  3. Via Twitter or Skype messages

What Types Of Businesses Do I Want To Profile?

I’m looking for businesses that are special.

You either have a specialist niche (the who and what) or you have differentiated your business is a wider market using one or more of the other seven big questions of business success (when, where, how, why, how many). You must be able to pass the marketing bingo test i.e your must have a marketing message which is different from your competitors.

There has to be a clear customer need or problem that you’re solving.

Your business can be a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or service provider.

The Next Step

Email me at and use Success Story in your subject line.

I get quite a lot of contacts from PR agencies touting their clients to me but I’m only interested in telling unique stories.

Paul Simister is a business strategy coach who helps business owners to differentiate their businesses and develop winning strategies. Get your free copy of my ebook The Six Steps Profit Formula.

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