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by Paul Simister on March 16, 2011

I want to tell you about an idea I learnt from one of my mentors, Rich Schefren.

It’s called your Core Concept and it has the power to differentiate you in the minds of your potential customers and clients.

The Core Concept is the big idea which is used throughout your marketing and goes deep into your products and services. It’s an idea that gets your prospects excited because you’ve helped them understand their problems in a new way.

Instead of tackling the symptoms and effects of the problem or problems, you’ve helped them to see the cause of the their difficulties in a way that makes sense to their minds and emotions.

My Core Concept is about how differentiating your business is the solution to many of the problems which business owners suffer from – low sales and profits, difficulty explaining what you do and a lack of purpose and vision. Quite simply it’s tough running a me-too business but it’s fun owning a business designed to provide great value to  a special group of customers.

I want to talk more about Rich Schefren‘s Core Concept and especially the one that made his name in his first classic report, the Internet Business Manifesto (the link to get it is below).

The big idea or Core Concept is…

“Opportunity Seekers struggle and fail while Strategic Entrepreneurs succeed massively”

Simple isn’t it?

But it’s also very profound.

There’s a huge problem in Internet marketing where punters buy “magic buttons” for get rich quick schemes from greedy gurus.

To be fair, that may not be what they are selling – there are some excellent training programs out there packed with great information if people do the work – but people want the silver bullet.

When they realise that the first opportunity is going to involve that terrible four letter word… WORK… they decide it’s not for them. By then there’s another magic solution being promoted and they jump on that.

And keep repeating the cycle because they want big money with little time and effort.

If only life was that simple.

Sure you can learn from the experts but you still have to make stuff happen yourself.

Anyway the Internet Business Manifesto was a big wake-up call to Internet marketers in this opportunity seeking mindset.

It highlights the craziness of what they are up to and it promotes the Business Growth System from Rich Schefren.

Rich Schefren goes into the Core Concept in one of his reports from the Founders Club – “The Single Element Critical To Your Marketing Success: How To Leverage A Core Concept To Go From Mediocrity To Millions.”

In this special report, he goes into detail of how the Core Concept works focusing on the Internet Business Manifesto.

I recommend you read the Internet Business Manifesto first, then read the Core Concept report and finally go back to the Internet Business Manifesto.

You’ll see what Rich is doing and how he reinforces the idea that Opportunity Seeking is bad while following a strategy is good again and again.

You’ll see how it makes sense to your mind and how you get a gut reaction when you realise some of the things you’ve done when you’ve been tempted to stray by an opportunity to good to ignore.

Internet Business Manifesto – this is free

The Founders Club – there is a small monthly fee but it’s one of the best bargains on the Internet.

The Core Concept doesn’t just apply to reports.

You can see the same ideas incorporated in a webinar 7 Steps To Unstoppable Income

These are affiliate links and if you join the Founders Club I will earn a small introduction fee. The other two resources – the report and webinar – are free.

Learning the idea is useful but the big bucks come from taking the idea and applying it in your business.

Rich Schefren gives you step by step guidance on how you can find your Core Concept or big idea and build it first into your products and services and then into your marketing.

Do it right and you’ll blaze away from your competitors. No longer are you are provider of general services with many alternatives. Instead you are positioned as the person who has redefined their issues in a unique way and as such, you have the only solution.

I’m still working on my Core Concept and how I can frame it in a way that shows many of the fundamental business issues come back to the issue of business design and creating a unique, differentiated solution.

You can see the tie up and why I am so excited by the Core Concept idea.

Rich Schefren is a master at putting together these problems and he’s done it in other reports too – see The Profit Vault and the Attention Age Doctrine (affiliate links).

If you are going to write an information report and you want it to create demand for your product or service – or if you’re going to create a video presentation – the time you spend understanding the Core Concept and developing your own will make a big difference to your success.

Many people have information reports – but it’s rare that any focus on such strong ideas that they create million dollar selling products. That’s what Rich Schefren has done time after time.

You don’t have to be an Internet marketer to benefit. It will work just as well for professional services where you still need to demonstrate that you have a unique perspective.

It’s what will differentiate your business and attract clients.

Paul Simister is a business coach who helps small business owners to profit from differentiating their businesses, being distinctive in the eyes of their customers and standing out in a crowded marketplace.

You too can move past your profit tipping point by answering the seven big questions of business success.

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